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OmniPresent Security Group
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    Security Management Consulting

    Whether you are looking for a third-party opinion or simply seek a security manager on an as-needed basis, our Advisors can provide support in the following areas: 

    • Site Assessments
    • Security Program Audits
    • Security staff training
    • Security Systems Integrations and upgrades

    Emergency preparedness training, security training, active shooter

    Emergency Preparedness Training

    An emergency plan is only effective if employees remember what to do when the inevitable strikes. Our emergency preparedness training encompass all major emergency situations members of your organization may face and are tailored to your organization's needs. Topics covered include:

    Active Shooter prevention and response

    Bomb Threat response

    Earthquake safety and response

    Fire prevention and response

    Medical Emergencies*

    *First Aid and CPR courses are also available. Due to the time required to teach the skill, these courses must be scheduled separately

    Workplace Violence Prevention

    A cornerstone of our services, our Workplace Violence Prevention division helps organizations update their current program or builds one from the ground up. Our comprehensive approach entails of assessing the organization's culture, assisting in policy development, training every member of the organization in a tiered and targeted manner, and facilitating the implementation of the program. Contact us today to see if this is something your organization can benefit from.